Anastasios Avranas




Anastasios initiated his career in the fund management industry as a back office and a dealing room employee for a mutual funds management firm. He later co-founded and ran as one of its four financial consultancy firm directors, where he managed corporate finance services, leading in public and private restructuring projects, financing and refinancing schemes.
Following that role, he got associated with Esthlos Business Boutique, an advisory firm in Athens engaged with corporate finance activities. In 2007, he initiated financial training activities before founding Interfima in 2010; a professional organization with a focus in the financial industry, based in Luxembourg, with offices in the UK, the US and the United Arab Emirates.
Aside from his involvement in finance, Anastasios has been a member in the board of directors for IMG Marine Builders, a maritime design company with its HQ in Cyprus. He has also engaged with a series of startups in the tech industry, as an external advisor and as a member of their management team.

Anastasios possesses knowledge for a series of different industries and holds an MBA from the University of LaVerne and an MSc in Corporate Finance from SDA Bocconi.
He is a speaker and regularly presents to professionals worldwide, on topics such as financial management and planning, and has mentored young entrepreneurs on International Business and Finance.