Claire Walker

Research Analyst



Claire has just completed an intensive Bachelor of Medical and Health Sciences degree and is set to undertake postgraduate studies in cancer research with a public health focus. Claire’s passion for health developed through her love of being active in the outdoors and through the volunteering opportunities that she has undertaken. This has allowed her to interact with the community and health professionals to simultaneously develop tailored approaches that have a real impact on improving health. Claire’s focusses include active listening, devising projects and methodologies that fluently work with the desired outcomes of activities, disseminating results in an easy to understand way and research writing.

During her degree, she has built considerable skills in research including primarily conducting two major studies under the guidance of her research supervisor in collaboration with other students. With previous experience as a medical research technician, she has had extensive exposure in developing an adaptable and valuable skillset including solving problems, analysing, and creating new ideas. Through this, Claire has an appreciation for seeing projects through to completion and ensuring the best possible outcome is always achieved.