Darren Trumeter




Darren has over 25 years of experience as a successful C-level executive and entrepreneur.  He has founded several startups including Infoware (acquired by Question) and myDials (acquired by Adaptive Insights).  He is a rainmaker that loves creating and managing high-performance teams.  Darren has a strong background in crafting revenue growth plans that succeed for startups at any stage, with a focus on talent management, new channels and partnerships, sales model enhancements, and creative thinking ‘outside the box’ to introduce positive change as an effective method to drive revenues and profits. Darren has extensive turnaround experience, driving positive change in numerous companies by employing bold strategies to eliminate limitations while crafting new business models that prove results.

Darren served as COO of Citect, a public software company, and led global sales and marketing efforts. He first managed the revision of the Americas model, where his team tripled revenues in a few years (after 7 years of flat revenues).  Darren then shared this model with all global regions, driving significant revenue growth before the company was acquired by Schneider Electric. Citect was acquired for a 7x multiple of its stock price.  Darren led the company growth in all product and service areas, while closing major deals with Energizer and sealing strategic partnerships with global partners that created millions in incremental revenues.

In addition, he has been instrumental in turnaround efforts with several companies including First Stop Health (5x member growth in 6 months), Nomadesk (7x revenue growth in 2 years), iProfile (declining revenues turned into positive 40% revenue growth within 2 quarters, company was later acquired by DiscoverOrg), Sapling Systems (stalled company grew 70% in one year, company was later acquired by MacMillan Publishers).

Darren is an accomplished and decorated aviator, having served the military in tours across Europe and the United States.  Darren has a BS in Aeronautical Science earned with Summa Cum Laude honors with Embry-Riddle University, and he has earned an MBA with Baylor’s first Executive MBA program.  He has 6 children and lives in Austin Texas.