Fern Evitt

Research Analyst



Dr Fern Evitt is an expert strategist, marketing and innovation specialist, system thinker, fledging futurist and is highly technology savvy.  Her career spans senior management, international trade, business improvement consulting, startup advocate.  Recognising that innovation and collaboration are integral to adapting and thriving in the now-common disruptive business landscape resulted in her completing a PhD (Management, 2014) in open innovation.

Fern’s passion for enhancing organisations’ strategy is evident from her wide-ranging roles including senior NZ trade director for the UK, driving strategic market share development through identifying and connecting NZ and UK companies.  As NZ marketing director, she led the highly successful launch of an Italian marque gaining accolades from the Italian manufacturer and establishing benchmarks for further launches; as a board member of the NZ Institute of Management, oversaw the organisation through a difficult period of restructuring.  As business advisor (B2B and B2C) she accelerates business growth through engaging effective strategic advantages and alliances.  She has been (and continues to be) a judge for Velocity (University of Auckland’s startup competition), on the advisory board and mentor for a number of startups, and has recently launched her own appreneurial company.

Together with an innate understanding of customer centric demands, Fern has a natural futuristic-perspective coupled with a continual improvement philosophy.  These abilities realised in particular through innovation and business model re-engineering and transformation.  Her business acumen is further complemented by a Masters in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Hons) in 2006 and a Postgrad Diploma in Marketing.  Her strategic viewpoint and entrepreneurial perspective often reveals opportunities (and threats) not otherwise appreciated.