Jo Steen

Chief People Officer



Jo has spent 30 years working as an HRD in global b2b and b2c organisations.

Alongside this, she has studied and become an expert in cognitive science and specifically the appreciation and understanding that we are all born differently when it comes to our ability to handle complexity.  This finding has considerable implications for talent management whether this is senior team hiring decisions or the early identification and development of high potentials.

Over the last 15 years, she has been applying the science as an integrated HR system covering organisation design, selection, succession planning and reward. As a result considerable evidence has been gathered to confirm the significance of this work in terms of its translation into real competitive advantage and superior financial performance.

Indeed putting ‘complexipacity’ at the heart of people decisions is also the ultimate diversity intervention cutting through all gender, ethnic and educational biases which has very exciting considerations.

Frustrated with the pace of change and the unwieldy politics of large corporates Jo has gravitated over the last couple of years to working with founder led businesses both in terms of assembling their senior teams and providing generalist people management support.

Joining Cataliize provides the platform to use this expertise more widely in the start up arena where blending the capabilities of founders and Cataliize partners will be absolutely vital to ensuring financial success for all parties.