Judge Devlin

Research Analyst



Judge is currently undertaking a combined degree of Economics and Arts (Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Arts). Within his degree his elected majors are Agricultural Economics, Contemporary Economics and Psychology. Judge has chosen to pursue a degree that gives insight into not only human nature but also into the theory and practice of Economics at both a macro and micro scale. Judge would ultimately like to pursue the field of Behaviour Economics in the workforce.

As for experience, in 2017, Judge was employed at a dynamic and cutting-edge financial institution, Aoyin, which predominantly deals with developing methodologies for in-house research capabilities which focuses on both domestic and international financial market trends. Judge’s specialities include research analysis, trend analysis, customer segmentation, drafting research reports as well as marketing and research communications. One of the aspects of my position at Aoyin also included the development of statistical modelling and applying it to a business hypothesis. Prior to his work at Aoyin, Judge worked as a Bar Attendant at the Royal Hotel Paddington for the better part of two years gaining vital experience in working as a member of a team as well as the importance of customer satisfaction.