Marina Mara

Chief Marketing Officer



The power of influence should not be taken lightly. With early beginnings in television at the age of 19, and now close to 20 years of industry experience in the media, Marina Mara built a bespoke consultancy that specialises in Media Advice and Reputation Management, in Australia and Southeast Asia.

She knows the power of influence well.

Anchored by beauty, which is central to her creative approach, Marina works with people and businesses, turning them into attractive, highly influential and lucrative brands through tailored media consulting and publicity. She is also a Ghostwriter for a select celebrity clientele, which includes high profile personalities in the world of broadcast television, interior design, cosmetic surgery and finance. Marina also consults with ASX-listed and Fortune 500 companies on influencer marketing and storytelling, which are imperative for growth in personal and corporate reputation.

A disruptor by nature, a trailblazer, and a lover of all things unconventional, Marina escapes the norm in business; she has absolutely no desire to fit in and that is evident in her consulting approach and her client outcomes. Mediocrity, replication, and comfort zones have no place in her repertoire. Her approach is pragmatic yet aspirational, robust and awakening, which is why clients from all corners of the world seek her counsel.

Marina was one of the first ICF certified coaches in Australia (2003) when coaching was still in its infancy. With this well cultivated skillset and a hunger for edge, she has the ability to unearth brands for their unique and (often dormant) reputable attributes, and transitions them through every stage of their growth all the way to the media spotlight.

Entrepreneurial by nature, Marina is also a silent partner on a number of digital media ventures, a mentor, and the co-Founder of PITCH BITCHTM a D.I.Y publicity platform that helps businesses earn their street cred.