Mick Shaddock




Mick Shaddock has over 20 years of experience in the health and medical device industry. Mick has been directly involved with more than 50 manufacturers and suppliers over the years and across all clinical areas and distribution models in healthcare.

With over 20 years of medical industry experience, Mick started his career as a registered nurse and worked for eight years at the Freemasons Hospital (now Epworth FMH), the last two years as the Associate Charge Nurse. A two year period with Sulzer Medica as an Orthopaedic Product Specialist
paved the way to start a career with Device Technologies Australia. Over the 20 years Mick has worked in a wide variety of speciality areas including; orthopaedics, ophthalmology, urology, gynaecology, laparoscopy and general surgery, anaesthetics, oncology, infection control, radiology
and pharmacy. Mick has been involved with the management of more than 50 manufacturers for a diverse range of clinical products from simple instruments and consumables to high end technology such as the daVinci Surgical Robotic programmes for Australasia.

Mick has been a senior manager and general manager with Device Technologies for more than 13 years. Currently Mick is actively involved with a number of businesses to deliver and integrate new and innovative technologies as part of those organisations growth plans. Mick has also been a member on the MTAA industry organisations Access Committee for Health Technology and also the
National Medtech Conference Committee .

Mick’s most recent roles include:
– General Manager for Emerging Technologies and Regional Manager for Victoria and Tasmania (Device Technologies)
– Clinical Manager (Mobilis Medical JV DTA/OPEC)
Mick’s Current roles include:
General Manager for OMX-Solutions (3D Printed Implants)
Director Business Development for MD Solutions (Medical Distribution)
Partner StartMesh (Venture Catalyst)
Principal/Founder WinterShaddow (Consultant)