Suzanne Sweerman

Chief Strategy Officer



Suzanne has 30 years of experience in commercial and general management and strategic/consulting positions at leading companies in the Netherlands & Singapore/South East Asia. She combines setting the (international) strategic direction with its practical and commercial implications. Put more simply: knowing where you want to go and then making sure you actually go there.

Her role has always been to develop and/or focus the strategy, business development and commercial capabilities. Her current work is mostly to help organize commercial success, but she also ran her own share of sales and marketing miles in the course of her career. Common goal has always been improving the competitive position and bottom-line results, with a consistent track record.

Working and living in many different environments – large and small, industrial and service, commercial and non-commercial/NGO, Europe and Asia and a childhood in the USA – has provided her with the ability to quickly recognize and focus on the unique and core issues of a given situation. She loves aligning a company’s capabilities needed from an ‘inside out’ perspective – core strengths – with those needed from the ‘outside in’ perspective – global competitive trends and their consequences.

Specialties: strategy, general and commercial management, international business development, (digital) marketing, communications and innovation. Preference for hands on small to medium sized companies and a big heart for social enterprises.

Examples of her past roles are: manager major accounts at Nestlé, business development and brand management at Dutch airport operator Schiphol, managing director membership and marketing at roadside assistance and travel organization ANWB (4 million members), CEO at baby stroller producer EasyWalker, partner and co-owner at Bakkenist Management Consultants and executive director South East Asia/Australia at the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency.

Suzanne holds an MSc in business administration from the University of Groningen, a post-doc Management Consultancy from the University of Amsterdam and she’s a Harvard Business School alumnus (The General Management Program).